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Tuesday, October 18, 2016
what you dont learn in school

we have home schooled for over 30 years. yes back before it became "popular". and while my children may not know the difference between a homonym and synonym (like most would even know). here are some things they did get taught.

how to garden, cook, store food.

how to heat a home with wood. cut wood, split wood and even find wood for heat or cooking.

how to think critically. question the fake news, how to think for themselves

the difference between Gods laws and kingdom vs mans

how to be self sufficient

how to handle money, how to be thrifty. the dangers of debt and the meaning of words like arbitrage. that money is an idea (you probably dont get that but then you probably went to public school).

how the legal system of this country really works, how it is illegal to lie to the government but the government thinks it has a right to lie to us. what their legal and also natural rights are.

that the food pyramid is crap and the difference between organic and gmo foods for their long term health.

that the government is not here to help you

how to source fresh water, food, hunt, how to make maple syrup, how to grow fruit and nut trees.

how to care for animals. to care about and help others.

to not care about fashion, how much money someone has or a consumer driven lifestyle. judging people for who they are and not what they have.

how to work and be productive.

how to read a financial statement (go to they have a game called cashflow)

that if you want to know how to do something .. read books on it, and one can also watch videos on it. in other words how to educate oneself. i love the part on good will hunting when the main character says he got a 150k education for a buck fifty in library late fees.

to be bold, that they dont have to follow the crowd but to follow their passions and to not be afraid to make mistakes and how to learn from failure.

Posted at 06:19 am by papatomany
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Monday, June 13, 2016
Just a question

so today i learned about the "disco" shooting in florida on 6/11 and heard some of the abnormalities to the "story".. nothing really new on the one banks wanting to disarm us. as if the banksters and edomites importing terrorists is a reason right thinking people would want the so called government to disarm them to make them more willing victims.

anyway.. the one question itching at the roof of my mouth that is hard to scratch is this...

if instead of a nightclub filled with queer liberals it was a night club full of conservative right wing conceal and carry trump supporters... would they have even tried it?

one has to wonder why it took 3 hours before the police entered the building to stop the shooter and why people still allow these psychopaths to create these gun free zones. and now they desire a country sized gun free zone.

and finally, does anyone find it funny that the criminal clintonista's loyal degenerates became the victims of the terrorists that the clintonista types covertly brought into the country?

its almost like they purposely staged the event not to promote gun control, but gun sales and insure that trump wins the presidency

odd, very odd

Posted at 04:23 pm by papatomany
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015
the watchers and those that serve them part 3

i think most of the people that use to read this blog when it was daily have slipped away but for those that do read it.. dont want to leave you hanging too bad so here is part 3.

in case you havent figured it out yet.. that "lady" liberty they want you to believe is a homely woman.. i remember in school even asking about why the statue of liberty is such a buck ugly woman.. and the teacher said that was what was considered beautiful at the time... right....

anyway.. its not a woman.. the statue of liberty is a male not a female and why do we want liberty.. thats what is given to conscripted people to go ashore on a pass from the ship. its not like this country is under admiralty law is it? they dont consider your birth certificate a bill of goods being delivered by water or anything like that do they? its not like they are saying they own you and use you as collateral for their banks or anything...  so then where is our statue of freedom?.. give me freedom! or better yet.. just take it already!

so yes virginia the statue of "liberty" is a statue made in the image of the original colossus of rhodes. a colossal statue of their patron god, helios. thats right. apollo.
that abomination in new york harbor is a statue of their god apollo.

what image is more iconic to america than their statue to their god? welcome to babylon.

"The New Colossus' (1883), a sonnet by Emma Lazarus engraved on a bronze plaque and in 1903 mounted inside the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty in 1903, contrasts the latter with:

The brazen giant of Greek fame

with conquering limbs astride from land to land

Posted at 10:42 am by papatomany
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015
the watchers and those that serve them - part 2

Rev 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

the king of the watchers is called apollyon or as you may know him today as apollo. and those that serve apollo, do so in plain sight.

so who is apollo?

the chaldeans believed apollo was also known as kronos. the greeks and romans called apollo the god of light. the shrine of apollo in delphi housed the famed oracle.
apollo was also known as helios. in latin literature he was known as phoebus. apollo is also linked to the planet saturn.

during ww2 the occultic branch of the nazis (ashkenazis) was known as the brotherhood of saturn.

a major moon of the planet saturn is called titan. the planet god apollo known as saturn has a moon and it is called titan.. same thing the children of the gods are called.

anyone seeing a connection yet? we bring german rocket scientists to america.
they build titan missiles, saturn v rockets and have apollo missions. phoebus was also the name given to a nuclear thermal rocket engine.

no big deal you say if the servants of apollo are in the nasa program. its not like they are building statues to him in new york harbor or putting his likeness on our currency. this is a christian country and we wouldnt allow these servants of apollo to run our country or anything... right?? i mean.. really???

stop back for part 3 if you dare

Posted at 06:48 am by papatomany
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Monday, August 10, 2015
the watchers and those that serve them - part 1

In Genesis chapter 6 of the bible it says that the sons of God procreated with the daughters of men. Their offspring were known as Giants... Titans... and Mighty Men.

The book of Enoch talks about a race of beings called watchers that begged Enoch to go before God and ask Him to spare their children.

The bible talks about these watchers being held in chains in darkness awaiting judgement

JDE 1:6 .And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

2Pe 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

Later we see these beings set free during the time of the fifth trumet

Rev 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

An interesting thought is this all fits with Greek Mythology... "gods" having children with humans and producing Titans.

In Genesis 6 there is more... it says there were giants in those days and also after the flood... so some of the watchers genetics survived.

Nimrod the god/king of Babylon was said to have become a "mighty" "hunter" in the book of Genesis.  He was depicted in statues as 13 feet tall and able to crush lions in his bare hands. There was also Og king of Bashan and Goliath and his brothers. and finally there was Esau who was covered in fur like an animal and called a "cunning" "hunter". So it appears that the watchers genetics in a limited amount survived the flood.

Is it possible that the childrens children of the watchers live today and serve the watchers? is it possible that they dont even do this in secret but right in front of people but our people are too stupid to even realize it?

stop back for part 2


Posted at 05:24 pm by papatomany
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
www. baby MURDER center

my wife bec has brought something to my attention. a once loved website has gone dark. my wives for years have been visiting a website that caters to soon to be moms but that has now ended. while claiming to be a support place for moms and soon to be moms this site has now instead resorted to censoring and banning members for being prolife while "protecting" freedom of speech of the trolls and baby murderers that are now proliferating every nook and cranny.

the word smiths twist the truth by calling it "bullying" if a member has an "opposing" view point to murdering babies and either deletes their post and or bans the offender. it is clear that babyMurdercenter supports those that advocate killing babies and protects that ideology.

why i am calling for all those that love life, children, and babies to boycott the website and any that would sponsor the murder of children. please pass this on. 

Posted at 08:44 am by papatomany
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Saturday, June 22, 2013
aint no rest for the wicked

a tv show called yukon gold used this song for its theme song and intro

aint no rest for the wicked

having spent a lot of time mining just across the border in alaska i have a connection to the show and the song is very fitting. mining is the hardest work i ever did. living and mining in remote alaska is like being in purgatory.

the song is very fitting not just for miners. it can be viewed as the anthem of the new world order.

man is the only creature on this planet that has to pay "money" to live here.

"they" have made it so that you cannot live without slaving for their fiat paper slave script.

want to sleep somewhere at night? you need land, maybe a house, or maybe you live in an apartment. you must pay slave script rent, mortgage, tax.

you say thats ok i will sleep in my car in a walmart parking lot. you best have a slave script paid up license plate. 

want food? pay slave script tax on the land to grow it. buy a slave script fishing license. a slave script hunting license.

want electric? more slave script tax. gas for a vehicle? more slave script. everything you need to survive takes slave script. according the "they" you have no rights to anything on this abundant earth. it must all be purchased from them with their slave script.

now is when it gets interesting. when they stop lending out slave script and much of the slave script gets taken out of circulation with each interest payment you make and each gallon of gas you purchase.

the game of musical chairs accelerates and more and more chairs are taken out of circulation. and more and more people face bankruptcy, foreclosure, being homeless, their children taken from them.

people become more desperate. sell what little assets they possess, then have to sell other things like their morals, bodies, souls... all for the rapidly disappearing slave script that was created out of thin air by "they".

people are forced to work jobs for slave script but they have doubled the slave force by conning women into the equation. they have promoted the women by their government hiring them with high slave script paying jobs and great benefits. while suckering them into student debt and leaving them unable to afford to stay home and raise children with the lure of their government created job market. we need more social workers is the government mantra.

the real work of producing products was left to men except "they" changed the rules so that workers in foreign countries have a huge economic advantage leaving few low pay slave script jobs for men. and a huge number of men unable to obtain slave jobs. its called social engineering by the aliens.

and what will be the end? well it aint going to be good.

Posted at 09:28 am by papatomany
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
New Book Announcement

The long awaited release of my new book "Joshua" is here (by troy alexander).

thats the good news. the bad news is there will be only 100 books in the first edition. they are numbered and signed. some will be shipping out this week to a select few friends and family.

once these 100 are gone the second edition wont be released for some time, if ever, so get it while you can.

Joshua can be purchased  on the rip off online auction store at an inflated price to cover the insanely high fees of them and their payment processing biz. limit one per customer please. (being listed today so if you dont find it search for it the following day)

note: if you are not familiar with this blog... the book is extremely politically incorrect and may be considered offensive to many.

one can still download "the first trumpet" for free at

i recommend one reads the first trumpet before reading Joshua.

hope everyone with eyes to see enjoys the new book

Posted at 07:59 am by papatomany
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Monday, June 17, 2013
eat the rich

back in late 2008 the economy crashed. the stock market crashed. and the rich were bailed out. instead of the bloated top heavy fat cats that were living on the backs of working people being reduced to the bread lines where they belong the government acting against the wishes of 93 percent of the people gave trillions of dollars to their hand picked self proclaimed elite who then bought up the bargain basement priced equities and commodities.

fast forward five years and these self proclaimed elite that were made rich on the backs of the working people of this country have sold those same people out by continuing to offshore their profits, businesses, and assets. they have quietly sold off their hundreds of billions of dollars of equities in the knowledge that the perceived value will be going down as they raise interest rates and throw this country into the dustbin of history as a third world nation.

how did they steal our labor, wealth, freedoms, country?

through their phoney paper money scam which bought them control of politicians, courts, secret societies, alphabet agencies,  but instead of rising up and destroying the treasonous snakes in your midst, the people slept. lulled by the tv programming and electromagnetic pollution robbing their brains. they continue to spray their chemtrails, fire up their low frequency transmitters, and feed you poisonous gmo and adulterated products disguised as food.

soon you will wake up starving slaves in the land your forefathers fought and died for unless you repent now.

but when that day comes after these many decades of the criminals feeding off of them. with memories of being dispossessed of their homes, and their children stolen,  their health robbed, and their rights trampled. there will be a new mantra.

eat the rich (they taste like chicken).

it is the only possible outcome for the criminal self proclaimed elite.

he who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind.

Posted at 10:31 pm by papatomany
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Friday, April 12, 2013
welcome to the wwae

what is the wwae?

its been years since i watched wrestling. not the real wrestling the fake stuff on tv. as i watched the pageantry, the warm fuzzies of how they sponsored special olympics. and how they made sure they had men and women in uniform sitting prominently right behind the announcers so they could be shown over and over. as i watched in disbelief that they had tens of thousands of people caught up in their lies and maybe even millions watching at home....

i realized that i was watching a microcosm of what america had become.


where everything is fake and people don't care.

we have been fed fake stories from the apollo missions, 9.11, sandy hoax, the fiscal cliff, .. and americans seem to eat it all up.

this was brought home as i watched adam gadahn the american al cia da terrorist telling other terrorists to go out to gun shows and buy machine guns (which one cant do without extensive background checks and taxes paid already) to use on america. its hilarious until one realizes that some of the dumbed down people may actually play along that its real.

who is adam gadahn? a cia asset also known as california born jew adam pearlman.

thats right, adam pearlman puts on a arab costume and is paraded on the nightly news as a arab terrorists in order to promote their gun control by pretending to be a bad guy and in the hope that americans play along like it really is news.


maybe some of you are that stupid to play along with their game but i suspect that there are millions of other that have woken up and are paying attention to who the real snake terrorists and traitors are.

Posted at 06:23 am by papatomany
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